Built on the former site of the Nashville Lumber Company, Stateline brings an additional 90,000 square feet of commercial space to The Nations’ northern edge, seamlessly complementing the neighboring Stocking 51 hub. In addition to boutiques, eateries, offices, and breweries, Stateline fronts an impressive landscape of greeneries and includes covered breezeways that allow tenants and visitors to enjoy the fresh air at all times.

The latest addition to the thriving Nations neighborhood is here

From the same people that brought you Stocking 51, Stateline is a new Vintage South development located in Nashville’s The Nations neighborhood. Visitors can shop, dine, and work in some of the most charming places that our city has to offer.

Reimagined By
Vintage South

Stateline embodies the values that make every Vintage South property a vestige of Nashville’s urban landscape: traditional structures combined with modern design. With sky-high curb appeal, functionality, and class, the new hub complements the neighborhood and builds on its existing aesthetic. Development has been led by Vintage South founder Nathan Lyons, who is deeply passionate about creating unique and timeless projects that can make every resident and tenant feel proud of their community’s architectural heritage.